#4 Backspace

backspaceLet’s face it Portlanders, we aren’t hip. Sure, we try very hard to be “with the times” and even have some ink in a places we are able to cover up in the work place. If I’m describing you, then you’re in luck. Backspace Lounge is the one place in Portland you can go to be hip for a couple of minutes. Backspace is a mecca for the hip crowd and unless you’ve been there… you aren’t hip.

Located in the heart* of Old Town/Chinatown, Backspace draws a crowd of people from all over Portland. It’s cozy, with comfy couches, cool art (each month they feature a local artist) and Stumptown Coffee – in my opinion, the best roaster in this city. At night, it becomes the premiere music scene showcasing an array of talent. Essentially, Backspace IS the art hub of Portland.

Backspace rules, because even though I’m not hip, i feel like i am when i go in there. The baristas are so frickin hip that they could screw up my order and I wouldn’t care. If you are looking for one place that will tailor to your coffee, art, music, beer (at night) and WiFi needs, you will never go wrong with Backspace.

Backspace Music Calendar

*Yes, I know. Portland has a lot of places located in the heart of things.


1 Response to “#4 Backspace”

  1. 1 Mark August 22, 2012 at 9:08 am

    Hahaha out of all the things listed on “why Portland sucks” this is really one of them I could see on the list where the others I didn’t relate to. Maybe I just happened to be there at the wrong time? Overpriced food/drink, dorky metro sexual guy bragging out loud about how his internet comeback totally put his opponent in his place, and mediocre poetry jams(props for trying people and keep at it, but you have A LONG way to go) with so much BO accumulating I felt I could of lit a match and the place would of blown sky high. Granted the back room was pretty cool but so far this place and that list of “why portland sucks” really are the lamest things in this town if only in one person’s opinion.

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